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About AVM

Audiophile Masterpieces Handcrafted in Germany

For more than 30 years AVM has been developing and manufacturing premier audio equipment to deliver the highest quality musical reproduction. AVM believes that any kind of music has been composed to bring joy and emotion to the listener, therefore equipment such as amplifiers and loudspeakers must try to transport this joy and emotion into your living room.

HiFi components are not only technical things but are a part of your home, so AVM attaches great importance to creating wonderful-looking products. They also try to make their components easy to use and work hard to offer the best value for money to customers.

All AVM components are manufactured at their factory in Germany, with design and development in-house too. Their reliable long-term suppliers are located nearby. All of this ensures the consistent high quality of AVM products.

  • AVM Ovation 6.2 ME review by Part Time Audio Phile

    My first impression of the sound of the AVM Ovation 6.2 ME was that it was instantly supplying me with information that had gone missing with that so-called “lost” feeling I had with my reference system. I felt that I was hearing more of the good—lots of detail, a smooth yet detailed presentation, a tight and controlled low bass. Suddenly my loudspeakers were coupling to the room in all the right ways.

    Marc Phillips


  • Review by STEREO Phile

    Call it bad memory or confirmation bias, but after a month of daily listening, I concluded that the AVM A 6.2 ME sounded a lot like those classic class-A amplifiers of yesteryore, which sounded like they had full control and weren’t leaving any information behind. They sounded musically right and complete. The AVM A 6.2 ME integrated sounded that kind of right, with a little fairy dust sprinkled on top.

    Herb Reichert


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