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Totem Acoustic

High-Performance Innovation That Brings All Your Music to Life.

Bringing the Sound of Music to Life

About Totem Acoustic

Soul-Moving Loudspeakers from Canada

Totem’s vision is to give you the music, the whole music and nothing but the music.

The Totem team goes way beyond engineering gimmickry to deliver the heart and honesty of music. On an intuitively technological level, Totem is constantly driven to go further and further in their understanding of acoustic laws and sound reproduction.

A good speaker will stay in your life for quite a while. Often, it will be part of your life in a seamless but deeply appreciable way. With their timeless designs, Totem speakers reflect our commitment to both long-term value and continuity. Aesthetically, Totem speakers are literally made for long-lasting use. By designing ageless loudspeakers, we want to join you on your musical journey.

  • Review by Totem Acoustic

    Where many manufacturers opt for boring type numbers for their products, Canadian Totem Acoustic always manages to surprise with resounding names. This time I get to work with the V2 version of the Element Fire stand mount speaker. Totem Acoustic speaks of a Bookshelf speaker, but that is not the correct description given the size and price, € 7,799 per pair. This speaker deserves a good stand and nice placement in the listening room.  


  • Totem Acoustics Forest Signature floor-to-ceiling Review by my-hiend.com

    Every time I hear that an agent wants to arrange the evaluation of Totem speakers, they will look forward to it. This High End speaker brand, established in Canada by Mr. Vince Bruzzese in 1987, upholds the highest-burning materials and design and pragmatic pricing. Strategy, I hope that more people will have the opportunity to have good speakers, and create many classic products and loyal users (by fans). You can see Vince personally explain and do it at every audio show in various countries. Everyone demonstrates, always so enthusiastic. Forest is a mid-level floor speaker belonging to Totem. This time I listened to a more refined version of Forest Signature.

    Jack Johnson


Totem - Model 1 Twin - Monitor Speakers New Zealand

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