HiFi Collective – a new adventure in HiFi

HiFi Collective is bringing a new adventure in HiFi to Australia! After many combined years distributing major hifi brands, our team has compiled a small, select range of leading international home audio products that bring you, the music-lover, closer to your music collection. We’re working with only the best specialist hifi retail stores to deliver superb products, service and support to you.

We’re proudly representing these Brands in Australia:

  • Auralic High-resolution digital streaming components from China
  • AVM Handcrafted audiophile masterpieces from Germany
  • FinkTeam Loudspeaker experts from Germany
  • Fyne Audio High-performance loudspeakers from Scotland
  • Heed Audio Home audio electronics from Hungary
  • Totem Acoustic Soul-moving loudspeakers from Canada
  • Vertere Acoustics Luxury record players, tonearms and audio cables from England

Go to our Brands page for more details.