HiFi Collective

A New Adventure in HiFi

HiFi Collective is bringing a new adventure in HiFi to Australia! After many combined years distributing major HiFi brands, our team has compiled a small, select range of leading international home audio products that bring you, the music-lover, closer to your music collection. We’re working with only the best specialist HiFi retail stores to deliver superb products, service and support to you.

We’ve curated what we think is a special group of Brands – they’re small companies with great stories to tell, making innovative, interesting, fantastic-sounding products:

  • Auralic High-resolution digital streaming components
  • AVM Handcrafted audiophile masterpieces from Germany
  • FinkTeam Loudspeaker experts from Germany
  • Fyne Audio High-performance loudspeakers from Scotland
  • Heed Audio Home audio electronics from Hungary
  • Melco Audio Audiophile grade high-resolution digital music source components from Japan
  • Totem Acoustic Soul-moving loudspeakers from Canada
  • Vertere Acoustics Luxury record players, tonearms and audio cables from England

Go to our Brands page for more details.