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High-Performance Innovation That Brings All Your Music to Life.

Auralic vega G2.1
Built for performance

About Auralic

AURALiC, High-Performance Innovation That Brings All Your Music to Life.

AURALiC is dedicated to designing, engineering and delivering advanced audio equipment, with the latest cutting-edge technologies, that can truly represent the essence of music. AURALiC creations are designed to reproduce every tiny detail in the recording process and present them to the listener with every last bit of artistic intention from the performer. AURALiC stands for the sound of innovation.

AURALiC’s founders Xuanqian Wang and Yuan Wang’s shared appreciation of music and their perfectly complementary skillsets were the foundation for an inevitable collaboration and in 2009 AURALiC was born.

  • ALTAIR G2.1 review by HiFi Critic UK

    Whichever of the Altair G2.1’s digital inputs you use – the analogue ones are excellent, too –it delivers a sound that majors on detail and impact, from the shaping of the notes of an instrument or voice to the dimensions and focus of the soundstage image

    Andrew Everard


  • Big Brother - ALTAIR G2.1 review by STEREO

    The Auralic breaks down the sometimes quite complex events in a fine, detailed and well audible way. Meanwhile, it also delivers the necessary pressure in the lower registers to give the music the appropriate push and seize the listener. The network player also collects plenty of bonus points with its convincing dynamics

    Michael Lang


Auralic vega G2.1 Inner view

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