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Melco Audio

High-Performance Innovation That Brings All Your Music to Life.

Melco N100 silver
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About Melco Audio

Made in Japan by Audio Masters

Developed by audiophiles, for audiophiles, Melco is proud to present the world’s first true, no-compromise High-Resolution Digital Music source.

As a music lover you can finally enjoy studio quality Hi-Res digital music without any of the compromises of computers and their peripherals!

The MELCO N1 Series of audiophile-grade source components are both music store and UPnP server, and are also a source for a USB-DAC. So they’ll let you access, store and deliver your Hi-Res digital music.

Melco was established in 1975 in Japan by Makoto Maki, an enthusiastic audiophile. The company designed and manufactured the finest audio components of the time – the undoubted masterpiece of the Melco line being the turntable, introduced into the UK in 1980, which set new standards in music reproduction. From those early beginnings Melco developed into the largest computer peripherals manufacturer in Japan, offering advanced products based on rigorous R&D. Now the Company is proud to revive the highly-respected Melco brand, offering discerning audiophiles high technology networked audio components in the spirit of those much-revered early Melco products, while incorporating the very latest research into reliable high performance networked devices and storage.

‘Melco’ stands for Maki Engineering Laboratory Company.

  • Melco N1A/2 Review by HIFI Advice

    Even if it goes against popular belief, there really is a big difference in sound quality between NAS servers. Both Melco servers sound markedly better than any other NAS that I tried. What’s more, given a DAC with a Network input, even the entry-level Melco N1A/2 already sounds more natural than any of the USB server competition that I have at hand. The N1ZH/2, however, further improves on the N1A/2 significantly both when used via USB and via UPnP, so much so, in fact, that with immediate effect, the N1ZH/2 has become my current Music Server reference.

    Christiaan Punter


  • Review by Hi-Fi Pig

    Feature wise the Melco is outstanding and sound wise it’s just sublime, a real rich and full sound with fantastic amounts of detail retrieval, it’s dynamic and has a very large soundstage that images superbly and most importantly connects the music with the listener.

    Dan Worth


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