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Fink Team

High-Performance Innovation That Brings All Your Music to Life.

Simple design, stylish, engineering-led

About Fink Team

FinkTeam Loudspeaker experts from Germany

FinkTeam is a relatively new name in the loudspeaker production world, yet the company is made up of well-established experts experienced in creating many different speakers across a wide range of prices.

FinkTeam’s combination of design skills, together with total control of manufacturing in-house, allows them to deliver world-class loudspeakers that are as at home playing audiophile tracks as they are playing classic rock, jazz and orchestral music.

They evolved from Europe’s premier acoustics consultancy Fink Audio Consulting (established over 30 years ago), which designs loudspeakers for major international hi-fi, multimedia, car audio and pro audio companies and is led by Karl-Heinz Fink, a man who strongly shapes the audio market with his loudspeaker designs.

  • Review by Tone Publication

    Sonic signature is always such a personal thing, almost like a fingerprint. Forget about the absolute sound for a minute, your perception of how music sounds is what’s most important. If you are looking for a pair of speakers offering a massive soundstage, and a lot of music detail without crossing the line into being harsh and fatiguing, FinkTeam’s Kim should be at the top of your list. We’re definitely keeping these… 

    Jeff Dorgay


  • Review by HIFI Plus

    It’s clearly a very accomplished design. The unconventional approaches must present a myriad of ways to royally screw things up, so the fact that I haven’t found the slightest evidence of up -screwing, royal or otherwise, tells me that the FinkTeam clearly know their business. The crossover is largely undetectable, partly perhaps because the passband is lower than usual, at 2200Hz; bass is deep, tuneful and agile, the better to underpin one of the most natural-sounding treble units I ’ve heard.“”The Kim competes on its own terms and has the balls, and the finesse to challenge anything at or near its price. Or a fair few costing a good deal more, for that matter. 

    Steve Dickinson


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