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Auralic - Aries S1 - Streaming Processor


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The AURALiC ARIES S1 stands as a formidable entry in the realm of high-end audio streamers, particularly due to its advanced features and technologies borrowed from the prestigious G2.2 reference line. This device not only serves as a bridge for audio streaming but elevates its function to that of a comprehensive streaming processor. Here's a closer look at how the ARIES S1 differentiates itself within its category:

Advanced Streaming Processor Explained

A "streaming processor" like the ARIES S1 goes beyond merely transferring audio data across devices or platforms. Instead, it processes the incoming audio signals in various ways to enhance the overall sound quality:

  • High-Quality Resampler: Adjusts the sample rate of the audio to better match the capabilities of the output device, ensuring optimal sound quality.
  • Parametric Equalizer: Allows for precise adjustments of the sound frequency response to tailor the audio to the listener's preferences or to compensate for acoustical anomalies in the listening environment.
  • Speaker Placement Compensation: Adjusts the audio output to counteract less-than-ideal speaker placements, ensuring that the sound is well-balanced and immersive.
  • Loudness Leveling: Maintains a consistent volume across different tracks or sources, providing a more uniform listening experience.

Key Technologies and Features

  • Tesla G3 Streaming Platform: Provides the computational power necessary to handle high-resolution audio streaming and complex signal processing tasks.
  • Direct Memory Access (DMA) and Direct Data Recording (DDR): These features enhance the efficiency of how audio data is handled, reducing latency and buffering issues, thereby ensuring smoother playback.
  • Dual 60fs Femto Clocks and Galvanic Isolation: These components are crucial for reducing noise and minimizing signal distortion. The femto clocks provide extremely precise timing for digital signals, reducing jitter to nearly imperceptible levels, while galvanic isolation prevents electrical noise from one part of the system affecting another.

Connectivity and Integration

  • Rear Panel Connections: Includes USB audio, coaxial, and Toslink inputs, alongside Ethernet for network connection. This variety allows for versatile setups and integration with various digital audio sources.
  • Streaming Service Integration: Supports popular services like TIDAL, Spotify, and Internet Radio directly, and is compatible with Roon (pending certification), enhancing its appeal to users who prefer these platforms for their audio content.

Optional Power Supply

  • S1 External Purer-Power Supply Unit: Designed for audiophiles who demand the utmost audio purity, this optional upgrade doubles the power capacity and separates the processing circuit from the audio circuits to minimize interference and maximize audio fidelity.

By integrating these sophisticated technologies and features, the AURALiC ARIES S1 not only promises high-quality audio streaming but delivers an enriched audio experience that remains faithful to the original recording. It’s an ideal choice for audio enthusiasts who seek to merge the convenience of modern streaming with the fidelity of high-end audio systems.


Audio Inputs 1 x coaxial RCA, 1 x USB type B, 2 x optical digital Toslink, AirPlay 2, DLNA/UPnP media server, Internet radio, Network shared folder, Qobuz, Roon (pending Roon Ready certification), Spotify Connect, TIDAL, TIDAL Connect
Audio Outputs 1 x AES, 1 x coaxial RCA, 1 x optical Toslink, 1 x USB type A
Sample Rates DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 and DSD512, PCM from 44.1 kHz to 384 kHz in 32 bit
Control Software Lightning DS, OpenHome compatible control software, UPnP compatible control software, Roon (pending Roon Ready certification)
Hardware Platform Auralic Tesla G3
Network Gigabit Ethernet