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Auralic - Aries G2.2 - Streaming Transporter


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The Auralic Aries G2.2 Streaming Transporter delivers exceptional sound quality with its advanced interior design, at 90% new components, UnityChassis II enclosure and Galvanic USB Isolation. This isolation eliminates the issue of interference between the computing circuit and audio circuit for improved sound clarity. Enjoy premium music with Auralic. Take your music streaming to the next level with the Auralic Aries G2.2 Streaming Transporter. This upgraded model features the second-generation Galvanic USB and improved DAC compatibility for optimal sound quality, as well as the option to enable or disable USB port power supply for a cleaner signal path. Enjoy immersive audio with optimal clarity and depth.


• AURALiC’s premier Streamer, the Aries G2.2 offers the full suite of AURALiC’s streaming and serving software, Lightning
DS and Lightning Serve;
• Featuring AURALiC’s Unity Chassis II, this device tackles mechanical and radio frequency interference through engineering.
Twin chassis, including a copper faraday cage, sophisticated 2nd generation galvanic isolation, New PSU
design with double capacity, heavy aluminium base plate and tuned sprung feet;
• Aries G2.2 can be fitted/supplied with on-board SSD, can access external USB HDD or of course NAS, &;
• Aries G2.2 is now fully compatible with Leo GX.1 Master Clock, delivering more refinement and nuanced playback.


Find out more on the Auralic Australia Website