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Fink Team - KIM - Small Loudspeaker (Pair)


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KIM is a small loudspeaker and takes up far less room space than previous models, but KIM delivers music, emotion and scale in a way that’s surprising for its size. 

Defining a new model for a relatively new company in the marketplace is always challenging. With Borg, we made our second model a success by combining innovation and more of the same.

For our third model, KIM, we asked our dealers and distributors, and they asked for either a more expensive model or a lower-priced model, but there was no clear trend.

So, we did what we are good at – we made it our way again – a mixture of innovation and more of the same. KIM had to be a speaker that we would use ourselves, something fun. We designed another speaker for us.

Borg is and always was a statement speaker. Bold and visible, never trying to hide and with as little compromise as possible. So how could a new model be different? Importantly, could it include Borg innovations? How could we reach a retail price which makes the speaker available for more people without losing quality?

A few basic design principles stayed the same. A reflex system with a paper coned woofer with a massive magnet, Two-way construction with AMT HF unit, again based on a Mundorf core. A cabinet with everything needed to avoid unwanted radiation from the box and a highly optimised crossover with high-quality parts.

We wanted an enclosure large enough to deliver realistic low frequencies and scale but was small enough to be relatively discreet. It had to be low enough to sit below windows and work well close to walls.

LP Magazine:

“Finks KIM is an incredibly well-balanced, perfectly supple loudspeaker that plays coherently and coherently from front to back. Certainly, one of the best there is in this class.”

HiFi Critic:

“KIM’s infectious well-timed musicality takes sound reproduction beyond mere process, to achieve a higher level of listener involvement and satisfaction.” 



Frequency Response
35Hz-25kHz -10dB, 45Hz-23kHz -10dB

Average Impedance
> 8 Ohm

Minimum Impedance
5,9 Ohm @ 160 Hz

86 dB @ 2.83 V / 1 m

0.2 % THD @1W

Crossover Frequency
2200 Hz

Bass Unit
High-Power 8“, 38 mm voice coil diameter

HF Unit
110 mm AMT

854 x 300 x 310 mm (HWD) Depth 412 mm with stand

25,1 kg

Choice of several standard finishes

Reflex with multiple Strunk Absorbers and damped double layer Sandwich panels with one dimensional bracing and CleanPort resonator. Integrated Stand

Option Switches
3 Positions Tweeter level, 3 positions Woofer damping

High Current Single Wiring pure Copper



KIM is available in a selection of finishes/colours. The rear of the cabinets are real wood veneer, except the white black colours. KIM fronts are a soft paint finish.

Standard Finishes:

Amarra Ebony with Black Front | American Walnut with White Front | White Matt with Steel Grey Front | Black Matt with Black Front

Non Standard Finishes:

American Walnut with Black Front | American Black Cherry with Stone Grey Front

Premium Finish:

High Gloss Piano Black with Matt Black Front