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Fink Team - Borg - Floor Standing Speaker (pair)


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FinkTeam’s Borg is two-way floor standing design featuring a 10.25 inch high-power mid/bass driver and an Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter. Borg is a significant design exercise as knitting a 10.25 inch mid/bass, albeit an extremely fine one, with a HF unit is never easy. To combine the two drivers to achieve a flat frequency response and, more importantly, a slow even mid/HF roll off in the power response is a significant feat of engineering. There is no off-axis hole in the middle effect.

Borg is designed as a more domestic friendly loudspeaker than the WM-4. Borg’s low-frequency tuning is designed to deliver weight and drama to music but without making it a total diva when it comes to room positioning. Of course, it isn’t as good overall as the WM-4 but then neither does it demand a huge room and the finest amplifier and sources. Believe us when we say that Borg will rise to the challenge of the finest electronics, but they are not essential to enjoy Borg’s talents.

Borg is available in a selection of finishes/colours. The rear of the cabinets are real wood veneer, except the white black colours. Borg fronts are finished in Nextel.

Standard Finishes:

Amarra Ebony with Black front | American Walnut with White front | White Matt with Steel Grey front | Black Matt with Black front.

Non Standard Finishes:

American Walnut with Black Front | American Black Cherry with Stone Grey front | Savannah with Black front

Premium Finish:

High Gloss Piano Black with Matt Black Front