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Melco - N50 - Music Library


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Melco’s first full-width mid-range SSD Music Library, available in both SSD and high-capacity HDD versions. Easy to import from CD, USB memory, or music data on your PC. Back up your important music collection simply from the front display menu.

N50-S38 has a 4Tb SSD drive. N50-H60 has a 6Tb HDD drive.

You can play music from an App on your smart phone or tablet which beautifully lists your music collection with cover art, artist/album information. Melco Music HD app is only available for iPad.

If you connect USB-DAC, it becomes a transport of streaming services and becomes a Roon Ready device. Unlike a server for the office, Melco Music Library is purely designed for audio playback.

Made in Japan by “Takumi” ( “master” in Japanese).


The first midrange SSD product from MELCO. SSD on the layered rigid mounter + New clear-dynamic power supply, which produces 25% more output. Inherits the highly acclaimed previous N1A, such as classic appearance but as a result it produces completely different SQ from N1A. Single press power button – same as Hi-Fi components and unlike any IT device

* Comfortable front panel buttons with positive click for easy operation
* OLED display to reduce internal noise
* Rear USB 3.0 ports – BACKUP, EXPANSION USB-DAC or Easy
* Import from Flash drive, CD drive or HDD
* 3 pole IEC mains inlet with true electrical ground to define source component as ground point, and internal power-line noise filter
* New Enhanced PCB
* Layered rigid SSD mounter
* New Clear Dynamic PSU (capacitor bank + new unit)
* New Isolation Feet
* Inherited from award-winning N1A
* Classic MELCO appearance
* Full width for hi-fi system
* 7mm thick chassis
* IEC inlet + noise filter


Music storage
1 x specially selected SSD

Network connectivity
LAN Port-Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T)
Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T)
DHCP server in isolated mode

USB connectivity
USB2.0 port USB-DAC dedicated
USB3.0 backup port
USB3.0 expansion port
USB3.0 port for music import & CD drive
USB3.0 front panel port for import & DAC
USB player file support DSF, DFF, FLAC, WAV, ALAC, AIFF, AAC

USB player sample rate support
16-32 bit (PCM) to 384kHz:- auto downsample to suit connected DAC.
Gapless PCM supported.
1 bit (DSD) to 11.3MHz Quad DSD.
Markerless DSD supported.
DSD to 32bit PCM conversion selectable.
Gapless DSD supported.
OLED displays player sample rate.

Power supply
100-120VAC, 220-240VAC

Size 436 x 62 x 352mm

Weight 7kg