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Vertere - DG-1S Dynamic Groove - Record Player


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The Vertere DG-1S Dynamic Groove Record Player is our most affordable design; the updated model remains the easiest to set up and use, and also contains some of our most innovative thinking.

Our award-winning DG-1 just got better. The new DG-1S delivers higher resolution replay, greater dynamic contrasts, improved stereo separation with greater precision while at the same time keeping the musicality the DG-1 is known for.

Improved platter bearing

The precision machining and polishing operations have a higher tolerance with the variation halved statistically. The super smooth finish bore with the precision Tungsten Carbide interference fit ball delivers lower noise, lower rumble, a lower effort for the motor and less rotational variability.

Groove Runner S tonearm

The arm beam is now constructed from a five-layer polymer laminate bonded to a second five-layer polymer laminate. The PCB flex signal carrier is bonded in-between the two laminates. The profile of the arm and bearing has improved the counterweight/bearing/headshell/cartridge alignment.

New Motordrive Software

New Motor Drive software allows separate adjustment in two steps, initially the sine wave voltage and then the cosine wave adjustment at the final stage for the absolute lowest noise and vibration.

Improvements over previous version:
• Platter Bearing & tonearm bearings
• New Motor-drive software
• New Groove Runner S Tonearm

Model Variants:

Finish: Black or White

DG-1S Magneto Pack
Includes Vertere Magneto MM Cartridge factory fitted & D-Fi Stereo RCA cable
DG-1S Redline Pack
Includes stylus balance, Techno Mat, 3 x Iso-Paw & Redline Stereo RCA cable
DG-1S Sabre Pack
As Above (Redline Pack) with Vertere Sabre MM Cartridge factory fitted.