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UberLight - 3200-TL - Flex LED Task Light (Clamp)


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The must-have accessory for music enthusiasts 

LP sales are exploding worldwide as music listeners go back to the world of analog sound. Recognizing this renaissance, Reliable® leveraged their +17 years of experience producing task lights to create a unique solution that every vinyl user will enjoy - The UberLight™ Flex.

UberLight™ Flex Features:

This LED light has been maximized for the audiophile experience. Primary features of this innovative product include: 

  • An ergonomic, contemporary design
  • Convenient USB power
  • 270º rotational head
  • 26.5" sturdy, flexible silicone gooseneck
  • Glare-free lighting
  • Adjustable colour temperatures
  • Up to 60,000 hours of usage

Why do audiophiles love this LED task light?

Audiophiles love this LED task light. While each of us has our favourite cleaning protocol, there has never been a reliable way to highlight the dust that is left on the record’s surface. Using the powerful and flexible UberLight™, you can clearly see all the dust that remains and remove it with a cleaning brush. You will also be able to easily read the dead wax on the record, revealing useful information about the pressing and the history of the recording.

"The response from the audio community has been nothing but positive... including being enthusiastically reviewed by the editor for Analog Planet - Michael Fremer."

High Fidelity’s 2021 Award Winner

High Fidelity magazine, a publication dedicated to the high-end audio industry, has recognized the UberLight™ Flex in their 2021 Annual Awards. With over 130 products to choose from, the UberLight™ Flex has been identified as one of this years top products for music lovers.

My Uberlight™ Story

By Robert Kahn, President & CEO

Here’s a bit of a recap. I’ve been a music lover and audiophile since 1975 (I was 16 years old). My best friend’s father worked in a stereo store and I bought my first system from him - I was hooked.

Music, as well as the equipment that makes it sound so wonderful, has always been a passion of mine. While I was in University, I needed to find a job to help pay rent and ease the pain of my gear habit. Naturally, I looked for work at an audio store. I worked here throughout my university career from 1977-1982.

Fast forward a couple of years to the mid 1980’s and I, like many (fools) during this time, sold my 1,000 + record collection and replaced it with a substantial CD collection.

In 1991 I took over our family business. I started my own family in 1996, so there was not so much time for audio gear. I still had a great record system, but my passion took a back seat to both my business and family.

About 17 years ago, we launched a line of commercial grade lighting for our industrial sewing machine sector - we called it the UberLight. It had many unique features that allowed it to endure being on an industrial machine for 8-12 hours a day. It also included a long, super stiff shaft that was covered in silicone (perfectly non resonant).

Nearly 3 years ago, we decided to develop the next generation of UberLights. To be honest, the UberLight had been copied by so many of our competitors and we knew that in order to move the product forward, we needed to go back to the drawing board. We determined that it was time to change the design and include some unique features that all users would enjoy.

Earlier this year, we launched the new UberLight™ Flex. A couple of months ago I mounted one behind my new Rega Planar P10. I had upgraded my system about 2 years ago as part of a “kids are moved out, time to renovate and buy a dream stereo and get back into vinyl”. I was genuinely shocked by the difference the light made to the LP experience.

First, I could see all of the dust that my AudioQuest brush left behind. The light from my room just didn’t highlight the record surface enough. This is a huge win for those of us who hear “pops and clicks” that makes us a bit crazy. Second, I was able to easily read the dead wax, something my 61 year old eyes could never do. I also found it much easier to see the lead-in groove for needle placement. Another moment where I found the UberLight™ to be invaluable was after a bit of a cleaning lady “mishap”. I needed to replace my almost brand new Apheta 3 cartridge and having a focused, bright light overhead just made the job that much safer and easier.

My record collection two years ago was about 50 vinyls, which I had saved from my youth. Today it’s close to 400. Yes, I’m a bit of an addict. I love the whole vinyl playing experience. I still stream when it’s just not convenient to be flipping records, but my ears much prefer the sonic signature of vinyl. The fact that I can combine my lifelong hobby and a product that I make my living from is a rather large gift.

It is my hope that all vinyl lovers will enjoy the unique features of the UberLight™ Flex as much as I have and that it has made their record playing experience much brighter.