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Plixir Power - Statement BDC Balanced Linear DC Power Supply 6A Dual Outlet


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The Statement BDC is PLiXiR's flagship Balanced DC linear power supply, delivering exceptional audio performance with its award-winning 3-stage noise regulation architecture, proprietary star+plane ground design, and extended capacitance (> 40%). Enjoy unbeatable results in noise floor reduction (high and low frequency), eddy ground loop current, and output impedance.

Noratel Transformer

All Statement BDC features the use of our PLiXiR Tru-Balanced power transformer design, customed made for us by Noratel. Featuring a massively oversized transformer core, high purity OFC copper wire, a magnetic shield with vibration absorbing property and other secret tricks from experience, it’s the highest end transformer used in a DC power product to our knowledge.

Bfly Master PRO footer

High-end footers Master PRO footers from Bfly audio are used for all Statement BDC. These amazing German made footers features multi-layer damping with different material for different vibration frequency damping and is solely customed made to our specs.  They are mounted loose and free without stress, so that the statement BDC performance will be maximised when placed onto the surface. 


All PLiXiR products are handcrafted in Singapore. The ability to control all aspects of the PCB and product assembly allow us to fully optimise the performance and sound for all PLiXiR products. Each product is uniquely made. No cookie cutter process which focuses on production quantity but sacrifice performance is allowed here. We exist to make good products, not more products. 

The final tuning is done by James Soh, the founder, for the PLiXiR sound. 

Other Features

Casing - Extruded, 5mm-thick aluminium casing body. Thick metal top and bottom plates provide an ultra-rigid casing that guards against the sound-degrading effects of mechanical vibrations and protects the transformer from external damage.

Premium Components - Selected premium components including ultra-low-impedance capacitors, high-current connectors and high-purity copper cables.



Less than 1mVrms residual noise at DC ouput. Dual Output. Output 1 + Output 2 = 6 Amps Max Continous.


Output voltage 5Vdc, 6Vdc, 12Vdc, 15Vdc and 19Vdc.  Available in: 110 Vac or 230 Vac input voltage


Black anodized, sandblasted aluminum




230 x 160 x 115 (include footer)


Includes 2pieces x 1meter PLiXiR Elementa DC Power Cable with a choice of 2.1mm or 2.5mm DC plugs. For other plug types, please contact us for more information.