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Plixir Power - Lumin D2,T2 & U1 Mini Conversion Kit


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By removing the original internal switch mode power supply of the Lumin U1 - Mini / Lumin U2 - Mini/ Lumin D2 and using our PLiXiR Elite LPS kit, noise level is lowered within the Lumin Streamers. Mains AC noise, AC to DC rectification noise, Switch Mode Power Supply switching noise, grounding noise and related issues within the Lumin Products will all be eliminated.  As a result, performance is drastically improved.  More natural resolution and inner details of the music will be uncovered due the lower noise floor.  Music will take a more relaxed and correct feel with improved transients, PRaT and removal of digitised sound.  Best of all the kit is designed to be completely installable and reversible by the user, with all features and function of the Lumin Streamers intact.  Note: Plixir BDC 12V 2A supply is required and not included with this kit.