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Plixer Power - Firey AC Power Cable


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Our design goal for PLiXiR THE FIERY Balanced Power Cable was to provide extremely low noise power delivery that is flexible, for your hifi equipment at an exceptional price point.  THE FIERY exceeded our expectations.  Balanced in their design and multi-layered shielded from external noise, they are exceptional for your source and Head-fi equipment.  They are also designed to be flexible for easy use in tight space situations.  When used in conjunction with balanced power conditioners (such as our Elite and Elementa BAC) and isolation transformer based power conditioners, their balanced design maintains and increases the noise rejection of the balanced power delivery throughout the whole chain and right up to your equipment.

From our design and manufacture of the PLiXiR Elite and Elementa Balanced AC Power Conditioners, we noticed that conventional hi-fi power cable design with twisted 3-wire, Live, Neutral, Earth and their geometrical permutations, are actually singled ended in their power transmission design.  While they work, they are not able to fully make use of the balanced power output from balanced conditioners to maintain the common mode noise reduction all the way to your equipment.  The specific benefit of balanced power is lost at the output of the power conditioner (akin to single ended cable plugged into a balanced signal output).

Low Noise Balanced

The high gauge size, high purity copper LIVE and NEUTRAL power conductors of THE FIERY are wound in a balanced power design.  With this design, the power cord has increased common mode noise immunity against external noise, particular when used in conjunction with our PLiXiR Balanced AC Power Conditioners.  The conductors are further shielded from external noise with a full copper foil and OFC copper braid.  A combination of these 2 shields provides noise immunity from both high frequency and low frequency noise components.  Internally, the cable is further damped from mechanical vibrations with natural cotton dampers.  The cable is also designed with flexibility in mind and is extremely easy to route.  They are perfect for tight spaces.