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Auralic - Aries G3 - Streaming Processor


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Introducing Auralic's Aries G3, the ultimate streaming processor. Redesigned with over 90% new components, it boasts a second-generation galvanic USB DAC output for superior compatibility. The new Purer-Power low noise power supply features double the capacity of G2.1 models and NVMe SSD internal storage for up to 10x faster read/write speeds. Enjoy an unparalleled audio experience today. Experience streaming audio like never before with the Auralic Aries G3 Streaming Processor. Equipped with Tesla G3 Platform and Direct Memory Access (DMA) technology, latency and jitter are reduced by 90%, enhancing audio performance and sound quality for a truly unparalleled streaming experience. Experience audio with improved multi-tasking capabilities and immerse yourself in your music.


• With dual 60fs femto clocks powering its digital outputs, the ARIES G3 ensures that you experience the highest
levels of precision and accuracy when listening to your music. In addition, it utilizes AURALiC's state-of-the-art
FPGA-based Proteus X1 co-processing pla orm, which optimizes the digital audio signal, removing harshness
and improving listening experience.
• As a result of this optimization, music gains greater substance, space, and dynamic range, providing a highly
immersive and engaging listening experience. The ARIES G3 is the perfect addition to any high-end digital audio
system, and its advanced features and exceptional performance make it a standout product in the market sector.
• The USB DAC output now boasts second-generation galvanic isolation technology, enhancing compatibility with
a wide range of DACs and ensuring a more refined audio experience.
• The new Purer-Power low noise power supply design features double the capacity of preceding G2.1 models
and even lower noise levels, providing extremely stable and reliable power to the device.
• Aries G3 incorporates Auralic’s ‘Lightning-Link’ ecosystem, allowing for inclusion of the Master Clock (Leo).

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