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Auralic - ALTAIR G2.2 - Digital Audio Streamer


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The AURALiC ALTAIR G2.2 marks a significant advancement in the high-fidelity audio equipment landscape, embodying a perfect blend of traditional excellence and innovative features. Powered by the cutting-edge Tesla G3 streaming platform, the ALTAIR G2.2 is designed to meet the demands of the most discerning audiophiles. Here’s a detailed look at what makes this latest iteration stand out:

Key Enhancements in the ALTAIR G2.2

  • Direct Data Recording (DDR): This technology allows the device to store audio data directly onto the system's memory, bypassing conventional processing paths. This approach minimizes delays and ensures a smoother and more faithful sound reproduction.

  • Fusion DAC: Incorporating AURALiC's proprietary Fusion DAC technology, the ALTAIR G2.2 combines the best attributes of different DAC architectures to deliver exceptional clarity and detail in audio output.

  • Galvanic Isolation: This method prevents electrical noise from affecting the audio components. By electrically separating different sections of the device, it ensures that the audio signal remains pure and unaffected by external or internal interference.

  • HDMI eARC Input: The addition of an HDMI eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) input broadens the ALTAIR G2.2’s compatibility with a wide range of audio and video sources, making it an ideal centerpiece for both audiophile music systems and advanced home theater setups.

Versatility and Connectivity

  • Comprehensive Input Options: The ALTAIR G2.2 supports a variety of input channels, including traditional analog and digital audio inputs, USB, and now HDMI eARC, accommodating virtually any source.

  • Streaming and Network Capabilities: With support for AURALiC’s Lightning DS, AirPlay 2, and popular streaming services such as Spotify and TIDAL, the ALTAIR G2.2 offers extensive streaming capabilities. It’s also equipped for Roon, enhancing its appeal to users who prefer this sophisticated music management platform.

AURALiC Lightning OS V10

  • PureDAC Mode and Tone Mode: The latest firmware, V10, introduces features like PureDAC mode, which optimizes the device's resources for DAC operations, and Tone Mode, which allows users to fine-tune the audio output to match their listening preferences or compensate for room acoustics.

  • User Experience Enhancements: The update to Lightning OS V10 also brings improvements to the user interface and functionality, ensuring a more intuitive and satisfying interaction with the device.