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AVM - CS 2.2 4T- Compact Streaming CD Receiver


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Based on our all-in-one classic – the INSPIRATION CS 2.2 Compact Streaming CD Receiver – we took a further step and came up with a high-performance version, which offers numerous additional functions, special features and sound-enhancing circuit solutions.

A main focus of supercharging our neat Compact Streaming CD Receiver was on a modern Bluetooth connection, which also transmits high-resolution music files in breathtaking sound quality. This connection works according to the Bluetooth 4.2 standard and requires a separate, second antenna on the back of the CS 2.2 4T.

In terms of sound and technical features, the phono section of the 4T special model also plays in a league of its own. The upgraded phono input can now easily be switched between MM and MC via the display. Thanks to a new, extremely compact design, all signal paths of the phono module have been reduced to an absolute minimum, and the simultaneous use of state-of-the-art, high-quality components has dramatically improved the sound performance of both MM and MC. What is still missing? We can only think of one thing: A record player from the brand new AVM ROTATION series, to which we have perfectly matched the phono module of the INSPIRATION CS 2.2 4T!

The digital section of the CS 2.2 4T also underwent a generous update. A sophisticated D/A converter of the latest Wolfson generation now provides significant improvements to the sound quality of all digital sources of the powerful all-in-one system.

Highlights of the 4T Special Edition
• HiFi Bluetooth
• Phono Input MM 47 kΩ, 10 pF & MC 1 kΩ
• Brand-new Wolfson DAC
• RC 9 remote control with color display comes as a standard
• 4T TITAN Special Finish