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Auralic - Vega G1 - Streaming DAC


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Streaming DAC

Years in the making, the VEGA G1 Streaming DAC turns the classic AURALiC VEGA into a state-of-the-art device with the power to invigorate your digital audio experience.

A longtime favourite for its beautifully musical sound, VEGA isn’t just a DAC anymore — it’s also a full-featured streamer capable of connecting to local and online sources of high-resolution digital music. That makes the VEGA G1 everything you need to access your favourite tunes no matter where they are and convert them to a rich analog signal for your system.

The VEGA G1 boasts major DAC performance improvements over the original too, with several design improvements borrowed from our top-of-the-line G2 devices, for a sound that lives up to the VEGA tradition