Let HiFi Collective take you on a new adventure in HiFi!

We’ve curated what we think is a special group of Brands – they’re small companies with great stories to tell, making innovative, interesting, fantastic-sounding products, and you can experience some of them at the StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi Show, October 18 to 20.

We’ll showcase Fyne Audio’s new Scottish-made F502SP Speakers powered by AVM’s Ovation CS 5.2 4T All-in-one Amplifier, fed by Auralic’s clever Altair G1 Network Streamer. The black discs will not be forgotten – our Vertere Magic Groove MG-1 MkII record player, Phono stage and Cabling will be spinning as well.

You’ll also get to audition Totem Acoustic’s new Kin Play Mini Powered Bluetooth bookshelf speakers and experience Heed’s award winning Canalot headphone amplifiers.

On display will be Auralic’s brand new Altair G1 Streaming Preamplifier.

See you there!